Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AB - messaging in outdoor piece

We see thousands of branding messages a week - how do these few spots grow roots through our saturated consumer minds?

Bud Light is slicking us through subliminal advertising through their new outdoor ad to keep drinking Anheuser-Busch (AB). There is a unique, but whiney message in that piece - you’ll notice there is a bottle in place of the first ‘i’ in drinkabilty which allows the first seven letters to showcase a message, ‘DRINKAB’

It’s bit unsettling for me that AB sold out to InBev because it quickly untied a thread of our American culture. By the way, Anheuser-Busch InBev just cut 1400 jobs, 6% of their total workforce just week after their $53 billion takeover - an insight of what’s to come.

Drinkability is simply gauged by a simple question, 'Could I drink another one of these?' No thanks AB-IB! I truly believe America has the best beer in the world - drink American craft beer and support your local breweries. Craft beer is a beverage that costs about the same as something like Bud Light and it provides less 'risky' opportunities to try than say a craft wine. Consume something that has creative stature and simply tastes better.

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pollabear said...

good eye on catching that sign! I agree on supporting local and micro brews. I didn't start drinking beer until I went to the Vortex and they had about 70 different types and no liquor license.
I hear there is a ban on manufacturing alcoholic beverages in Jefferson County. Too bad, I'd love to support a local brew!

-Joe D